Wind and weather

Holfuy stations

These anemometer stations are positioned very close to the main launches and are our main source of data: Many local pilots have the phone app installed where there is a useful tabular overview with 15 min or 1 hour granularity and it is recommended to look at the development and not only at the value right now.

METAR data

On this page look at the right column under "METAR/SPECI". The interesting value is the last entry in each row.

For example let us look at this entry:

METAR ENTC 281050Z 06004KT 030V110 9999 FEW016 BKN022
OVC044 10/07 Q1017 NOSIG RMK WIND 2600FT 32014KT

Here the interesting part is the last part: 32014KT This means that it's 14 knots with wind from 320 degrees. The wind station is located at 2600FT at the top of Kjølen. This reading gives a good idea of what wind to expect higher up. It often also gives a good idea on how the wind is on top of Fløya which is a popular launch spot on more SE wind.

I always look at this value before flying. Also here it is useful to look at the history of values and not only at the last reading.

Dewpoint and other data

Vind Nå ("wind now")

Data from many stations and some live webcams across Norway from various sports that depend on wind speed and direction:



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